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Even the “Up-Market” rentals are nearly impossible to find

Five and, yes, even six-figure high-end seasonal rentals in Naples are in fevered demand. Fueled by a surging stock market, High Net Worth individuals and families have even more money to spend on vacation rentals. Trouble is, finding such posh rental property is taking on the moniker of “needle-in–a–haystack”. Read more …..

Year-over-year spikes in tourism creates welcomed crowds in many places

Whether on the roads, in restaurants and shopping venues or on the beaches, the swell of crowds was clearly visible this past season. Naples and surrounding area 2015 tourist metrics are far up and to the right on the goodness-chart compared to the 1st quarter last year. Finally, the realization of year over year consistent growth has occurred following the woes of the recession.

This economic upswing can be attributed to a number of factors but in particular, those past two revolting winters. Couple that with the natural surge in outbound marketing that dovetails such winters and the ever increasing influx of international vacationers and buyers, in particular Canadian and you’ve got the makings of a perfect storm…. In a positive way, of course! Continue reading >>

Naples Real Estate: Luxury Market Gains Momentum in 2014

Naples, Fla. (January 16, 2015) – Overall closed sales for homes in every price category above $300,000 saw double digit increases in 2014. As a result, broker analysts contend that 2014 was one of the best years in Naples real estate history for closed sales. According to the Annual 2014 Market Report released by the Naples Area Board of REALTORS® (NABOR®), which tracks home listings and sales within Collier County (excluding Marco Island), inventory increased 16 percent for homes in the $2 million and above price category from 394 in 2013 to 457 in 2014. The report also showed that overall closed sales in this luxury market price category increased 33 percent from 299 homes in 2013 to 399 homes in 2014, yet the overall median home price in this price category held steady year over year at $2,950,000. Continue reading >>

Second Quarter Naples Real Estate Stats: Stable Market

NABOR released their analysis of 2nd quarter 2014 Naples real estate market activity compared to 2nd quarter 2013.

They are calling it a stable market because overall there were no significant gains or losses compared to 2nd quarter 2013.  However here are some positive changes that are noteworthy.

The luxury market saw significant improvement over 2nd quarter 2013 with 42% more closed sales in the over $2 million category.   There was significant improvement in both luxury condos and single family homes.  High end buyers are showing confidence in our market. Continue reading >>

November 2013 Naples Real Estate Market Report

NABOR released the November market statistics report on December 20th.  The median home price exceeded first quarter 2009 numbers and showed a 19% increase over the past 12 month period.   Overall pending sales increased 4% from 12 months ago and overall inventory decreased by 17%.  Buyers are still being faced with a shortage of inventory. Continue reading >>

October 2013 Naples Real Estate Stats

The latest stats came out last week from NABOR.  Inventory is down, days on market is down and closed sales is up.  That’s been the trend month after month lately, and that continues to be the trend in this apparent seller’s market.  What about prices?  In properties over $300,000 it seems prices are stabilizing.  There was a 1% increase in the median closed sale price over the past 12 months for the $300,000 to $500,000 category and no change in the $500,000 to $1 million category.  For the $1 to 2 million category, only a slight 2% change in median closed sale price was observed.  Conversely the under $300k segment saw a an 18% increase.  With inventory still being down prices could still be driven up in all categories.  That remains to be seen.

What’s my home worth in this market?  Contact us today for a CMA!

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Growth in Naples-Marco Island metropolitan statistical area continues!

A new study released in Sept 2013 by Local Market Monitor shows that the population of the Naples-Marco Island metropolitan statistical area rose 11 percent during the past 12 months, second only to Miami statewide.

This information shines light on more good news for the local area.

The forecast for home prices in Naples-Marco Island shines brighter than it does for any other metro area in Florida, a national housing data firm says.  Local Market Monitor released its predictions for home prices in 19 Florida cities. The Cary, N.C., firm tracks 315 markets nationwide.

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Relief in the future for real estate listing shortage in Naples?

Today Inman’s Teke Wiggin wrote a post speculating that there are indications that relief may be on the horizon for real estate markets starving for listings.  According to the post “8.3 million homeowners, or about 18 percent of homeowners with mortgages, will gain enough equity to sell their homes in the next 15 months without resorting to short sales, according to data aggregator RealtyTrac”.  That’s great news! Check out the full article here:  http://www.inman.com/2013/09/05/more-than-8-million-homeowners-are-resurfacing/ Continue reading >>

Top Associates July 2013

We’re pleased to announce our Top Real Estate Sales and Rentals Associates for July 2013.  Great job! Continue reading >>

Top Associates June 2013

We’re pleased to announce our Top Real Estate Sales and Rentals Associates for June 2013.  Great job! Continue reading >>